Viola Rampage now available!

This may just be the perfect vehicle to allow your viola section to express their bottled-up rage.  Let them show the violins who’s boss with Viola Rampage!

For those of you who have performed this piece before, this is a newly revised, slightly more difficult version, moving it from a level 1 to a level 2+ (Kendor thought the piece would appeal more to violists who have a bit more experience – and are possibly a bit more jaded).  Violin accompaniment parts are more intricate, and I added a long, lyrical C-string passage for the violas to show off their dark side.  The recording on my Catalog of Works page (also below) reflects the changes.

I wrote this piece in 2006, my first for student orchestra and easily the most widely-performed.  I am thrilled to see this piece reaching a wider audience!