Hero’s Quest

Hero’s Quest is my latest Kendor release, commissioned in 2015 by the 8th grade orchestra of Willink Middle School in Webster, NY. The group’s director, Kathleen Biscaro, asked for a piece that was in 6/8 time that had challenging parts for all sections and a limited amount of shifting.  After getting approval of the piece’s main themes from the director, I set to crafting a Hollywood-style score depicting the classic hero’s journey.

After the students learned their parts and had rehearsed the piece, I was invited to rehearse the piece with them.  They were a fantastic bunch and I enjoyed the energy and commitment they brought to the piece.  It was a thrill for me to hear the their premiere performance of the work, and a bonus that Kendor accepted it for publication!

See the premiere recording on my YouTube channel, listen to the Kendor Recording Hero’s Quest, or view the full score!

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