Music for Student String Orchestras

Musically compelling. Pedagogically sound.

Music for Student String Orchestras

Musically compelling. Pedagogically sound.

Tim Isham is well-known in his community and nationally for composing and arranging works for student string orchestra. A teacher himself, Mr. Isham regularly composes for his own students to perform as well as collaborating with other teachers to write music for their ensembles. Mr. Isham’s compositions are performed internationally and appear on a number of state festival and competition lists.

A professional educator, Tim is accessible and easy to work with. He is happy to interact with teachers and students at any level – whether you simply have a question about a piece, would like to do a question and answer session with your class, or are interested in commissioning a work. Connecting with the composer is just a click away!

violin being played


Hear examples of pieces in different styles and at different levels. Includes performance videos and page-turner score videos.


Read about new music in-progress, publication of new works, and other Timothy J. Isham-related items of interest.

Commissions / Visits

Explore the possibility of commissioning a work. Check out options for a composer visit ranging from a formal in-person workshop to an online discord chat.

What People Are Saying

“My Fifth graders performed Leviathan in December. Highly recommended!”

– Liz Ristow
Elementary School Orchestra

“My daughter and I are loving working on this. I’ve never seen her so happy to practice! Thank you writing the cool stuff!”

– Gaelen McCormick
Composer/Author/Pedagogue/ Bassist/Mom

“We listened to 70 pieces that day and yours was the only one we talked about at the dinner table”

– Mendy Varga
Editor in Chief, Kendor Music, Inc.

J.W. Pepper Editor’s Choice:

Patriotic Salute          Viola Rampage          Leviathan

Creatures of the Deep          Celebration March

Hero’s Quest “Five Star Favorite” at Stanton’s Music


Flag Day Survival Kit

Flag Day Survival Kit

I have been teaching in my position for almost 11 years, and in that time I and my string colleagues have been called upon with increasing frequency to provide music for Flag Day festivities at our various schools. In the past I have relied on Soon...

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